Mission, Vision, Values & Guiding Principles

Folks, we have just put the finishing touches on the Mission, Vision, Values & Guiding Principles for the GCC. We have been chipping away at this for at least a year. Below is the fruit of our labour. Please know that all this is living and breathing and can be altered – it’s not cast in stone. If you are a GCC member and think we have overlooked something that needs to be added, modified or updated, by all means, please reach out to a board member and let us know. This is your club and your input is valued.

MISSION – What We Do

Organize and promote safe, athletic cycling in the greater Guelph area.

VISION – Why We Do It

To foster, inspire and improve athletic cycling within the community.

VALUES – What’s Important To Us

  • Dignity and respect for all
  • High ethical standards
  • Social, financial and environmental responsibility
  • Openness and transparency
  • Excellence in all we do


  • Promote value for membership.
  • Create a safe, inclusive, high quality experience for members, equitably.
  • Nurture a positive presence in the community.
  • Support collaborative community leadership on and off the bicycle.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction between members.
  • Encourage participation and GCC representation in competition.
  • Continually learn, improve and be ready to evolve. 
  • Embrace innovation and positive change.
  • Ensure organizational sustainability.
  • Regularly assess and adjust organizational practices.

As a registered non-profit organization, our first responsibility is to our membership, and these statements will help guide and measure our decisions in the operation of the club.

We hope to see you on your bike soon!

2022 Update

Greetings and welcome former SRCC club members!

Why former, you ask? 

In the last few years, the club has grown in many ways. We have added annual signature events; expanded our ride offerings; added Gravel rides; created a more welcoming entry for new club members; maintained our commitment to high level cycling athleticism; been a presence around the province at cycling events; and we have become a recognized voice within Guelph & at City Hall. The time has come to acknowledge our achievements and put on a fitting title. A title that captures all our activities, one that immediately lets people know who and what we are and where we’re from. Something with great simplicity that we can identify with, and be proud of. So after 18 good years as the Speed River Cycling Club, a resolution was passed at our December 2021 AGM to change our name to the Guelph Cycling Club. 

And to go with that, we have a brand-new website: guelphcyclingclub.ca Please remember to update your bookmarks!

It mostly looks like the old one, but way faster (finally)! We haven’t closed down the SRCC site yet, the old squirrel just won’t get out of the cage. Everything you need should be on the new one. If something is missing or needs updating, please let us know. And did we mention it’s way, way faster? Praise be to the Lasko! We’ll have all of our new board member email addresses sorted out soon, until then, you can reach us at the old SRCC ones.

Please click here to join GCC for 2022!

Hopefully 2022 will be a more ‘normal’ year. We are not making any predictions about the pandemic just yet, however, we do have our fingers crossed for a mid-April start to club rides. This depends on both provincial and OCA COVID regulations.  As soon as we hear something, we will let you know – you will receive a newsletter update as the season approaches. Announcements will also be on the new GCC website.

We are very excited to announce our 2022 weeknight ride schedule which has a few changes and some extra bonuses. The very popular Tuesday All Members (TAM) Ride will remain basically as it was in 2021, with speed groups for everyone with one new speed group near the top end for a little extra spice on your Taco Tuesday.

The Wednesday Intermediate A, B & C rides now move to Thursday and they will keep doing what they have always done, just with a day off after Tuesday. This will be great if you are an Intermediate club rider who wants to ride two nights a week with a break in between. This also increases ride chances in case of foul weather.

The Thursday Advanced A, B & C rides stay right where they were and keep doing what they’ve always done so well. 

This leaves Wednesday open for some new and flexible programming.  We’re already planning to offer two Wednesday evening gravel rides per month, as well as one or two monthly women’s rides.  We want to hear from you about new ideas. If we can find leaders and enough interest, we’ll offer them!  Want to lead a ‘Tech night’? Or maybe you have other ideas?  Get down on one knee, send us an email and make us a proposal!

And lastly but not least, we’re excitedly finalizing our 2022 riding kit. We will have both a club standard and a high-vis option for jerseys. New for this year will be a couple of really cool colour options for those members who like to mix it up a bit! We anticipate that this apparel will be available for purchase sometime in March through our new supplier, Jakroo. Full details will be sent out once the ordering window is open.

That’s it for now.  We’re looking forward to seeing you, hopefully sooner rather than later! In the meanwhile, please stay safe, happy and well.

Your GCC Board

Grand Opening for the James Street Trail Bridge Saturday November 20th, 1 PM

The SRCC Board and members made substantial commitments to make this community-led project a reality. Now that it’s complete, SRCC members are invited to attend the official opening and naming of the bridge on Saturday November 20th at 1 PM.

The board donated $2500 in the club’s name helping kick-off the project’s fundraising and the members collectively donated an additional and impressive $8275. A special thanks to all who donated!

Many club members donated their time and expertise as well. Will Teron (Tacoma Engineers) did the initial engineering on the project. Meg Thorburn wrote many of the grant applications garnering the lion’s share of funding. And Lorenz Calcagno managed the project and was even seen to have tools in his hands on occasion.

This bridge had been crying to be built for decades. An earlier construction by a few visionary mountain bikers lasted several years, but was eventually undone. A more permanent solution was needed – one that would facilitate further improvements down the trail. SRCC was critical in making that happen. We hope it will be enjoyed and appreciated by all users for many years to come.

Come out on Saturday November 20th at 1 PM and be part of the opening ceremony and celebrate in a substantial gain for the community.

See you there,

Rusty K

A Special Thanks for 2020 SRCC Members

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who joined the Club for the 2020 season despite the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Congratulations are in order for everyone. We followed the rules, we kept safe and made the best of a very different season. And a special thanks to those who chose to do their own rides and still support the club – we respect your decisions and appreciate your commitment.

Together we made the best of it.

In recognition of your support, your board of directors want to show appreciation for everyone’s commitment with a special treat. So, we designed the very first SRCC water bottle!  These high quality anti-fungal bottles were custom made for us by Specialized.  They come in two sizes: Road Bike 769 ml (26 oz) or the smaller MTB 650 ml (22 oz). We have one for every 2020 member and two for every 2020 ride leader.

If you were a paid member in 2020 you should have received a detailed email with instructions on how to safely receive your SRCC water bottle. Check your spam folder if you haven’t.

Please contact board member Meg if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all… when we can.
Your SRCC Board

Sunday Nov 15th Gravel Ride

According to the forecast there most likely will not be a club gravel ride this Sunday. If for some miraculous reason the weather completely turns around, we will quickly post a ride. Check back if that should happen.

It should also be noted that we will keep trying to hold gravel rides until we can’t anymore. Limiting factors will be snow, rain, or temperatures below 5 degrees. After that you’re on your own out in the cold or on the road to Watopia.

Hope to see you soon, Rusty K.