Know Your Rights Workshop | Sunday April 23rd 3PM

The Biking Lawyer (Dave Shellnutt) is hosting a workshop for GCC members at Fixed Gear Brewing’s Canteen Location this Sunday April 23rd at 3pm, with a Club Social to follow!

Dave is Managing Partner of the Biking Lawyer LLP, lawyers for injured cyclists, but are also dedicated road safety advocates and cycling community champions. Fun fact: Dave grew up in Guelph.

The workshop will focus on cyclist rights and entitlements should the unfortunate occur, and you’re involved in a collision with a motorist. The 20-30min Workshop will be followed by a Q&A session to give you an opportunity to ask questions, share and discuss. Topics covered will be bike cameras, road rage, police, rules of the road, cycling insurance and more.

After the workshop we encourage everyone to stick around for more chatter and a Sunday social with your fellow club mates. Interested in attending but cant make it this weekend? Let us know and we may be able to organize another event in the future.

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