Q: How much ability do I need to begin riding with GCC?

A: If you have experience as a solo cyclist, or ride with others regularly, you have reasonable fitness, can ride for two hours non-stop at 24 kph speed or greater, then you are ready to ride with GCC.

Q: I just bought my first nice Road/Gravel bike and I consider myself a beginner cyclist, is the Guelph Cycling Club for me?

A: Not usually. We are an Intermediate to Advanced rider cycling club. We don’t have the capacity yet to work with beginner cyclists. However, this may change as the club grows.

Q: What is the benefit of Group Riding?

A: Safety is the paramount reason, but not often the first that people think of. Cycling in a group increases visibility, and motorists are less likely to squeeze between an oncoming vehicle and a group of cyclists as they might with a single rider. Speed and duration are also increased in group riding as drafting and rotating the lead increase a cyclist’s efficiency. You can go further, faster and be safer when you are in a group.

Q: Is the GCC a racing bicycle club?

A: No. Our club members span a large spectrum of speed groups, intensities and reasons for riding. We have something for most riders above the beginner level. The majority of our rides are quite welcoming, social and encouraging. But if someone wants to go really, really fast, we have something for them too!

Q: Is the GCC only for athletic young men?

A: No. Our club members span a large age demographic from 10 years old to over 70 and we welcome all genders. Female membership has been steadily increasing and is currently double what it was only several years ago. And we are doing our best to be encouraging and welcoming to all members of the community.

Q: As a woman my preference is to ride with other women when possible, do you have women only rides?

A: Yes. We have a Women Only Ride on the evenings of the 2nd & 4th Wednesday from May to August. More dates and groups may be added with more interest and the availability of female ride leaders. Click here to read more about that.

Q: I don’t have the newest most up-to-date bicycle, is that a problem?

A: No, not at all. We have many members on older bikes. The key is that it works well, is reliable and you can meet the minimum speeds and distances on it.

Q: Do I need all the fancy riding apparel to ride with GCC?

A: No. Whatever you have is fine by us. Riding shorts with chamois is highly recommended though. We do sell the ‘Club Kit’ once a year if you are in need of new riding apparel, but it is not mandatory.

Q: What do I need?

A: A road, gravel or CX bicycle in good working order. Drop bars are preferred. Tri bikes with ‘Aero’ bars can be used on group rides but a rider must not utilize the ‘Aero’ bars during the ride. And a good quality helmet must be worn at all times. You should have appropriate clothing for the temperature and weather conditions, enough water to complete the ride and tools and spares to fix a flat. Lights are always suggested for the way home after an evening ride and tail lights are becoming more common during the daytime as well.

Q: I was told underpants should not be worn beneath riding shorts that have chamois in them, is that true?

A: Yes, that is true. Underpants bunch up in all the wrong places causing chafing. You’ll never see any pantie lines on serious cyclists. For the best butt health, start your ride with clean dry shorts and butt. And get out of your shorts as quick as possible after your ride. Your butt will thank you.

Q: Is there a way to see if the GCC is for me before joining?

A: Yes. We have several Try-A-Ride evenings throughout the season. Click here to read more about them.

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