Women Only Ride

Women Only Ride

This is a new ride for the 2022 season that will run on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. It is intended to foster a supportive and safe riding culture where women can help women grow in the sport of cycling. The speed and length of this ride may vary to suit that day’s riders. When there is a larger turnout, the ride may divide into two speed groups. The GCC is keen for the women’s ride to grow as more participants and ride leaders become available.

Meet:Calvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Road by the church doors.

Time: Be ready to pedal at 6:30 PM. Meet 10 minutes before the start to get organized into the speed groups.

Parking: Available at the church.

Routes: The route is set by the Ride Leader and changes each week. Route lengths are selected so riders can be home before sunset.

You MUST be an GCC member to ride. You must pre-register for the ride on the signup form on the website.

The Women Only Speed Groups


TBD kph

Non Drop

Distance: 30 – 60km

You’re ready because you are an experienced solo cyclist, have reasonable fitness and can ride for two hours non-stop at 24 kph speed or greater.


TBD kph

Non Drop

Distance: 30 – 60km

As this is the first year we are running this group, we are not certain how many riders we will have on the rides just yet. We are not sure when W2 will happen. We will update as this develops.

  • Speed Groups will ride no faster than their maximum posted speed average
  • If you want to go faster than the average of your Speed Group, move up a group
  • Good riding practices and all rules of the road apply

The WEEKLY RIDE POSTS page is where the Ride Leaders post all the details for the upcoming rides including the route map, speed groups, length and any other relevant notes and reminders. The ride details will be posted no later than 24hrs before the ride. Ride cancellations will also be up-dated on the postings no later than 1 hour before the start of the ride.

Click this button to see the current ride postings


Is there a minimum number of riders per Speed Group?

Yes, three. And yes, three riders can work together well. It’s a great exercise.

Is there a maximum number of riders per Speed Group?

Yes, Speed Groups will be limited to no more than 16 riders for traffic safety.

What happens if there is lots of demand for one speed Speed Group?

Multiple versions of that Speed Group may run.

What happens if I choose a Speed Group that’s too fast for me? 

Chat with the ride leader. There are options and techniques to save energy on a group ride while still maintaining speed.

What happens if I choose a Speed Group that’s too slow for me? 

On the Women Only ride you can choose to stay with the group at a slower speed or discuss options with the Ride Leader. If the group is too slow for you and you desire more faster group riding, consider the Tuesday or Thursday rides.

How long are the routes?

Route length will be posted on the web site. The route changes each week and lengths change according to the changing daylight hours.

What to do if someone is breaking away or surging ahead?

Let them go. Maintain your Speed Group’s speed average.

What to do if someone is lagging or struggling to keep up?

Ask them if they are ok. If they are ok but can’t maintain your Speed Group’s average, and if you’re not in R3 Speed Group, then maintain your average and let them fall behind.

What to do if someone is behaving dangerously?

Report it to a Ride Leader or GCC Club Board Member

What to do if someone has crashed?

The entire ride Speed Group must stop and address the situation as best as possible in accordance with Club Guidelines.

What to do if someone has had a flat or a ‘mechanical’ problem?

The entire Speed Group must stop and address the situation to make sure the rider is able to get going again safely or other transport has been arranged.

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