Safety & Responsibilities

Safety & Responsibilities

The following rules and guidelines will apply to all GCC group rides, and should be followed and reinforced by Ride Leaders and members alike. All rides depart promptly at the designated start time, and are canceled in case of rain, snow or threat of lightning. Information on cancellations will be posted to the website no less than 60 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Club membership will be verified at the beginning of each ride.

Rider Requirements for Participation in Group Rides

  • Only GCC members in good standing may participate in rides.
  • Members from other certified clubs may occasionally join our rides with proof of membership and must sign our waiver.
  • Non club members can join in on our Try-A-Ride nights, waivers and other minimum requirements apply.
  • Riders must sign up in advance on the club signup program if they wish to join a ride.
  • Bicycles must be in good mechanical order.
  • A certified helmet must be worn at all times.
  • Members are responsible for bringing enough food, water, tools, and supplies to last for the entire ride.
  • All participants must abide by the GCC Risk Management Plan and the Highway Traffic Act.

Pre-Ride Mechanical Safety Checks 

  • Handlebars and headset: lock front brake and rock the bike back and forth to check headset is tight. Hold front wheel with your knees and try to rotate handlebars right and left. It shouldn’t move.
  • Tires: Rotate slowly and inspect for cuts, embedded glass, torn sidewalls.
  • Brakes: Ride forward slowly. Check back and front brakes for smooth, effective stopping.
  • Shifting: Run through all gears on level road to check shifting.
  • Aerobars: NOT to be used during pack rides due to unstable steering and forward position when braking.
  • Anything loose, tight or “just not right”? That’s what the experienced mechanics at your local bike shop are for.

Group Riding Rules

  • No more than 16 riders in a group
  • Ride two abreast, ‘tight-and-to-the-right’ (unless otherwise directed by the Ride Leader)
  • Paceline rotates clockwise at 30 seconds to 3 minute intervals, maintaining ‘two-up’ formation at all times; if new to the group, simply slot in toward the back at beginning of ride and follow our lead; ask anyone for info/guidance at any time
  • It is not mandatory to participate in the paceline rotation in speed groups R6 and R5. If you are riding in a faster group (R4 or faster) and can not take your turn at the front of the group, drop back to the next slower group if possible.
  • Never cross the yellow line or run red lights
  • Avoid ‘wheel overlap’ with the bike in front of you and sudden movements
  • Report dangerous riding to any Ride Leader or GCC board member
  • Stay to the right on a climb and only pass on the left
  • Maintain good communication up and down the paceline; call out road hazards and traffic, advise the group when a rider is off the back or struggling
  • Know the route, particularly when you’re on the front, and signal turns well in advance
  • In the case of a flat or mechanical, the group will wait unless other arrangements are made
  • Let others know if you are planning on leaving the group

For additional group riding tips please visit the Group Riding Skills page.

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