Join GCC


GCC Membership Fee: Adult $32 annual dues (Under 19 $0)

Plus one of the following:

    1. OCA Affiliate Club Membership
    2. OCA Citizen Permit
    3. UCI Race Licence
    4. Membership in another OCA-affiliated club

While completing the online registration process you will be diverted to the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) membership system to purchase one of the above licences. At a minimum you MUST purchase an OCA Affiliate Club Membership to have the required insurance coverage for participation in GCC Club activities.

How to Join

    1. Complete the online registration process HERE
    2. Download and read the risk management plan
    3. Review the Group Ride Information and Safety & Skills pages on our site prior to your first club ride.
    4. Visit our website regularly for all the latest Club information!

Fine Print

    • By joining GCC you understand that while we take steps to make the rides and events as safe as we can, there are inherent risks in cycling. Please be sure to read the Risk Management PlanSafety & Skills information, and understand the application form and waivers presented to you during the online registration process.
    • GCC does not allow non-members to join our rides (with the exception of those participating in the ‘Try-a-Ride’ program) as the insurance provided by the OCA prohibits this practice.
    • Membership fees are non-refundable.

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