What you get when you join GCC

Here’s what you get when you join the Guelph Cycling Club:

  • organized group rides from April to October
  • weeknight and Sunday organized group road rides
  • weeknight and Sunday organized gravel rides
  • speed groups that match your ability from casual to competitive
  • increased safety, distance and duration with group riding
  • increased confidence and endurance cycling on the road
  • group ride instruction
  • Women only rides
  • GCC ‘BIG Ride’ events during the season
  • social events
  • meet other fun-loving cyclists who share your passion
  • discover & experience new and incredible riding routes
  • improve your fitness and health and have fun doing it
  • prepare for upcoming events
  • receive OCA insurance coverage during club activities
  • get discounts from many of our wonderful sponsors
  • more smiles per dollar than any other athletic organization
  • and a lifetime supply of great memories and stories

Become a Guelph Cycling Club member today!

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