Mission, Vision, Values & Guiding Principles

Folks, we have just put the finishing touches on the Mission, Vision, Values & Guiding Principles for the GCC. We have been chipping away at this for at least a year. Below is the fruit of our labour. Please know that all this is living and breathing and can be altered – it’s not cast in stone. If you are a GCC member and think we have overlooked something that needs to be added, modified or updated, by all means, please reach out to a board member and let us know. This is your club and your input is valued.

MISSION – What We Do

Organize and promote safe, athletic cycling in the greater Guelph area.

VISION – Why We Do It

To foster, inspire and improve athletic cycling within the community.

VALUES – What’s Important To Us

  • Dignity and respect for all
  • High ethical standards
  • Social, financial and environmental responsibility
  • Openness and transparency
  • Excellence in all we do


  • Promote value for membership.
  • Create a safe, inclusive, high quality experience for members, equitably.
  • Nurture a positive presence in the community.
  • Support collaborative community leadership on and off the bicycle.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction between members.
  • Encourage participation and GCC representation in competition.
  • Continually learn, improve and be ready to evolve. 
  • Embrace innovation and positive change.
  • Ensure organizational sustainability.
  • Regularly assess and adjust organizational practices.

As a registered non-profit organization, our first responsibility is to our membership, and these statements will help guide and measure our decisions in the operation of the club.

We hope to see you on your bike soon!

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