Thursday Group ride May 16th 6:30 pm

Going to head north now that the weather is warmer and with a strong northwest wind this route is going to be fast coming home.

Be advised we will be leaving in two groups, first group will be pushing the pace, second group will also get a great workout but will not be surging, maintaining the group atmosphere.


  1. Lasts nights “B” group was an actual group ride. Not a group of individuals riding in a group. Very nice. Very well done.

  2. Looks like Group B rode at about 31.5 kph so the format, at least on paper, seems to have worked well.

  3. Great ride, that headwind sure had a nice payoff in the end. The A group averaged just under 33kph and rotated well.
    Sounds like the new format is a winner 🙂

  4. Thanks for a great group ride tonight.

  5. I tend to agree with Tim, there is a difference between surging and riding tempo, the surges/attacks of the last two Thursdays prior to this evening limited the group atmosphere by dropping riders all over the place, however if we rode a steady tempo people were working hard but not gapped.
    Jim, I don’t believe you were on the rides to witness the results but we received a lot of feedback from our members that it was not suitable for the group atmosphere which is why we decided at our meeting Monday to move to the two group format which I think worked well tonight.
    Thanks to everyone for sticking together, pointing out holes, end of the line etc. We averaged 31.8 with the strong wind and aside from that rough section of road (Brian cleverly avoided) in Elora was a good ride.

  6. I would note that riding tempo and attacking are quite different.
    Second group on the road had a great group ride. Rode tempo, rotated smoothly and safely for the entire ride.
    All said, quite a successful ride and a good start to a new way of doing Thursday. Quite enjoyed myself.

  7. “Surging” (a.k.a. “attacking” or “riding tempo”) limits the group atmosphere? It may limit talking for a while, but….
    Likewise, nice route.

  8. Yay for route diversity! Thanks for thinking outside the box Cory. Looks like a great night for a ride.

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