Thursday Aug. 28 6:00pm Ride

Please note, ride starts at 6:00pm.


  1. Just Andrew? What was Cory doing the whole time?

  2. Attack on the gravel! Then set highest 40min-90min power thinking that you’re chasing a group that turned early (but didn’t). Thanks Andrew, that was a good two-man-TT.

  3. First Line conditions are similar to last Thursday’s ride. It’s gravel, so use caution. I’m leading the B ride. Everyone be safe and have fun.

  4. The only logical solution! Whoever burns themselves out first, wins.

    Well, then unlike a school playground, let’s settle this by pedaling bicycles really fast.

  6. You’re supposed to be the older, more decrepit, wiser one here, and you stoop to a mom joke? You’re hanging around elementary school playgrounds too much, man.

  7. Nah, I just asked your mom what your homepage was.

  8. You must have saved that link from last Tuesday? I guess Steve’s cryptic advice didn’t go too far 🙁

  9. You know it. Bayden, I did a google search, which might help you out:

  10. It’s dirt. Fortunately, rubber tires work on dirt.

  11. Came here to ask the same thing.

  12. Is the construction done on First Line going into Eden Mills?

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