SRCC Social at the Wooly Thursday April 25th 8:30PM Rain or Shine!

The First Thursday Social of the Season!

For those new to the club, this is a regularly occurring event on the last Thursday of every month of riding season. Come on out and meet your fellow club members. Discuss important issues of the day: cadence, ‘D-i’ shifting, carbon fiber  <fill in the blank>  and beer really is a recovery drink, isn’t it? We can only guarantee that the food and drink will be good! The Woolwich Arms is an SRCC sponsor and if we have enough members they often provide us with team nacho platters. Originally intended to be a ‘ride to’ gathering after the Thursday ride, many now opt for a quick rinse and a change of clothes before heading over. So don’t be shy if you didn’t ride, who’ll know? You’re unidentifiable without your helmet, glasses & bike anyway! In warmer months with later sunsets and longer rides, it’s not uncommon that some show up directly from the ride in their sweaty kit. Our sincerest apologies to the other patrons! Come for the camaraderie, stay for dinner and a pint! Extra club points to anyone  who shows up in an SRCC cap or vest! Hope to see you there!

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