2022 P2A Race Report

The cork is out of the bottle and the season has begun!

It was the warmest, bluest-sky event we can remember. We came, we saw, we had a nice time (mostly). Despite crashes, rashes, sun burns, cracked helmets, flats, double flats, transport craziness, road crossing delays, shortened courses and DNFs, it was a rather pleasant day to be out on a bike.

There were several first-timer GCC members attending Canada’s Spring Classic this year – welcome to the club! It was so great to see everyone.

Alex Lefebvre (a dual club member of GCC & PCC) was our highest finisher and had a stellar result with 14th overall in the historical 70K event averaging 31.1kph! A huge accomplishment for Alex! Well done sir, well done!

A few GCCers also stepped up their games and on to podiums. Sarah Baert won the Women 20-29 (Women’s 4th s overall!) and Maxine Oleka was “on fire” and book-ended that podium on the third step. Deanna Solomon also took third in Women 50-59. Heather Lylyk just missed the podium taking 4th in her category.

Also of note, a covert operation unfolded utilizing a GCC agent of great repute. Drawing no attention, our mystery man slipped into the second wave under an assumed identity. He used his bicycle to stealthily arrive from Guelph avoiding detection, yet adding another 40kms to his mission. The tall Russian covertly ‘attacked’ every wave in his way, taking out the VIPs and many of the elites. Like every good spy story, this one finished in the mid 60s as well. Yeah baby!

To check out how all your favourite GCC riders performed, see below or have a look here. Congrats to all our competitors, you rock… and roll so very well!

There was some hard luck out on the course as well. So we’ll take the season in front of us to pull the gravel out, lick our wounds, raise our spirits, buy some tubeless tires and possibly forget that we ever vowed to never lay money down for this ridiculous race again. On the coming season of club rides, we’ll have a great time, in good company and in familiar surroundings. So much that come Christmas, when those P2A early-bird emails starting rolling in, and we’re already sick of the trainer in the basement, with our April memories suppressed, we might optimistically start considering the unthinkable.

This has been the earliest start to our season since 2019. Keep pedalling, otherwise… you fall over.

Enjoy the ride (metaphor intended).


PlacePlateNameTownTeamCategoryCat PlaceGender PlaceTimeGapSpeedWave
14822LEFEBVRE, AlexGUELPHPCC/GCCMM30-397/21414/10831h 49′ 18″0h 06′ 00″31.1E
651331FEDOSOV, JamesGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM30-3924/21464/10831h 58′ 06″0h 14′ 47″28.8M2
1161109HARVEY, PhilipGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM40-4940/319115/10832h 04′ 37″0h 21′ 19″27.3M1
1271193CALCAGNO, LorenzGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM50-5923/291126/10832h 05′ 38″0h 22′ 20″27M1
1391010BROGDEN, JimGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM50-5930/291137/10832h 06′ 34″0h 23′ 16″26.8M1
1451050BAERT, SarahGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMF20-291/114/1352h 06′ 55″0h 23′ 37″26.8M1
1581916MCDONALD, ScottGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM40-4951/319153/10832h 07′ 54″0h 24′ 36″26.6M3
2081132BODBYL, KevinGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM30-3959/214200/10832h 10′ 37″0h 27′ 19″26M1
3161397FERWERDA, RonaldGUELPHSPEED RIVER CYCLING CLMXMSS4/7298/10832h 17′ 46″0h 34′ 27″24.7M2
3691928ATKINSON, BryanGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM40-49116/319347/10832h 20′ 53″0h 37′ 34″24.1M3
3831071LYLYK, HeatherGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMF40-494/3126/1352h 21′ 29″0h 38′ 10″24M1
4062271OLEKA, MaxineGUELPHHELLOMF20-2903/1129/1352h 23′ 15″0h 39′ 56″23.7M4
4461488WAYNE, AndrewGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM50-59100/291417/10832h 26′ 09″0h 42′ 50″23.2M2
4501067MAXWELL, JmeGUELPHINDEPENDENTMM40-49145/319421/10832h 26′ 15″0h 42′ 57″23.2M1
4642251MAHON, CameronGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM60-6932/103435/10832h 27′ 12″0h 43′ 54″23.1M4
4691641SOLOMON, DeannaGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMF50-593/2930/1352h 27′ 44″0h 44′ 26″23M2
5011159DREWITT, SheldonGUELPHMILTON REVOLUTION CYCLMM11-1506/11469/10832h 30′ 45″0h 47′ 26″22.5M1
5021160DREWITT, GordonGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM50-59115/291470/10832h 30′ 45″0h 47′ 27″22.5M1
6951503BENNETT, RobinGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM60-6952/103647/10832h 43′ 20″1h 00′ 01″20.8M2
7761514COLLINS, RobinGUELPHGUELPH CYCLING CLUBMM40-49225/319721/10832h 49′ 28″1h 06′ 10″20M2
8061704ZGRAJA, AdamGUELPHINDEPENDENTMM30-39155/214747/10832h 51′ 49″1h 08′ 31″19.8M3

One Comment

  1. It was an interesting day. Kinda got forked after a promising start to the day, having arrived nice and early at the ‘Convenience Package’ meeting point in Ancaster. Nothing like the bus leaving late for the start only to promptly sit at a ‘Dead Tim’s’ for 15 minutes waiting for the ’Two Men and a Truck’ guy to run in for a ‘coffee and a dump’, while my hoped for warm-up, and a even more hopeful quick pee, disappeared in front of my horrified eyes. We arrived at the quarry just in time to block the Elite start and by the time they (literally) threw my bike off the truck, and I got to the start, me and my fellow bus mates were well and truly effed.
    Anyway, after starting from the ‘back 40 acres’, the race got off to a good start and I got hooked up with a ‘fast for me’ group of nice guys from Collingwood. Then things went downhill, no pun intended, with a traffic jam on the first of the single track sections. I must have been stopped dead for 5+ minutes. On the plus side, I did meet a nice chap from Toronto. I now know his family history, his wife’s name and the birth dates of his kids. Liz and I are invited to his house for a BBQ.
    So, how many ‘mud sections’ where there? It seemed like 50. Could have ridden a good chunk of most of them, but got stuck behind folks who stopped and were walking. Sigh.
    At one road crossing we had to wait for traffic. Must have sat there for about a year.
    The rest went fairly smoothly. My limited skill at MTB (thanks to Mike D for what little I have) came in handy and at least I finished ‘in the saddle’. Plus I DID NOT CRASH!!!
    Would I do it again?
    I enjoy our club rides much, much more.
    The mud was a novelty, and like most novelties, best enjoyed only once.

    Oh crap, who am I fooling? I’ll probably sign up next year…

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