Winter 2021 Indoor Rides

Indoor Riding Season is here! Well, actually, it’s been here for a while. but with the latest lockdown, it’s REALLY here. We now have a huge choice of hardware, software, workout types, group rides and all sorts of other stuff to make indoor riding almost fun. So, to promote some social pre-season riding we are hoping to set up some SRCC indoor rides.

Here’s the catch… There is already a TON of available group rides, workouts, races, challenges and what have you. I would like to hear what people are missing and what type of weekly offerings people would like to attend that they currently are missing. Some possible proposals are a Friday afternoon easy meetup ride in Zwift with the “elastic band” function enabled. This would allow people to socialize and work as hard as they want. Another possibility is a Sunday longer medium-intensity ride with a degree of socialization and chit-chat.

If you have any suggestions or wants, feel free to reply to this post or email me at Spring is coming and outdoor riding is just around the corner!

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