Wednesday June 11th ride | 6:30pm

Update 4:50pm, weather looks good, ride is on.

If we have a larger group like last week, we will start with two groups at the beginning. Please review the ride description and requirements for Wednesday rides. We'll try to emphasize smoother rotations on the front of the pack, and consistent riding (vs. surging and braking in the pack).

55k loop: south on Watson, across Milburough and side road 3, and then back up 1st Line. The construction at the railroad crossing on Milburough is done.


  1. Thanks to everybody that came out, really good rotations and lots of talking in the group.

  2. Good ride last night. A great talk and instruction by Gabhan pre-ride led to a truly good, safe and relaxed Wednesday night ride. Thanks again Gabhan. Communication is key.

  3. Wow. Fourteen is way more fun than twenty. Possible the smoothest paceline yet seen on the planet…possibly.
    Thanks all.

  4. Great ride tonight. Good pace, good size – 14 of us total – good communication. Thanks Gavin.

  5. The railway crossing on Milburough is open and freshly paved.

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