Wednesday Intermediate Ride: August 4th, 6:30 pm

It looks like I won’t have to spend my entire afternoon refreshing the weather radar this time. Plenty of sunshine ahead but the days are getting shorter: it’s now or never for some of our longer routes.

As usual, the focus will be on cohesive riding and good communication. There are three pace groups for Wednesday, although groups may be combined depending on the number of riders who sign up.

Wednesday A: 28-30 km/h average
Wednesday B: 26-28 km/h average
Wednesday C: 24-26 km/h average

As with all club rides, you must sign up in advance, which can be done here.

Be ready to pedal at 6:30 PM from the East End Library at the corner of Starwood and Watson.

Bike lights are always a good idea, but especially on these longer rides.

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