Wednesday Intermediate Ride A, B & C – June 23rd, 6:30PM

Welcome back everyone! We’re going north for our first Wednesday Intermediate club ride and then south to beautiful downtown Rockwood and Eden Mills. A & B groups please pay extra attention to the right turn onto Ash street (before the stop sign!) in Eden Mills. Lots of good communication up and down the pace line please.

There are two routes: an A & B and a slightly shortened course for the C group (two maps below).

Please remember to maintain a good cohesive social pace line. Riders on the front are the eyes of everyone behind. Further, faster, safer, together.

There are three Social Paceline pace levels for Wednesday, check the schedule for details.

Wednesday A: 28-30 km/h average
Wednesday B: 26-28 km/h average
Wednesday C: 24-26 km/h average

This ride requires sign-up in advance. Click here: Wednesday Intermediate Ride. Sign-up does require you to create an account on

This ride is open to SRCC members only. If you have not signed up to be a club member, you can do so HERE.

Start of the Wednesday Intermediate Ride is at East End Library, Please be ready to pedal at 6:30pm. Arrive early and ensure you are in the group area that you signed up for – see the map below. A = 28-30 kph B = 26-28 kph C = 24-26 kph

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