Wednesday A/B/C 6:30pm: Close to the Solstice (Try-a-Ride)

WEATHER UPDATE: Things are looking good, so RIDE ON!

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That kinda rhymes! We’re nearly at the longest day of the year, which means late sunsets. It also means the days will soon start getting shorter, but ignore that slightly depressing thought. Wednesday’s ride will take us south and east of Guelph, on quiet country roads (do we ride on any other kinds?) We’ll start at the East End Library as is customary. We will split up into 3 groups, and will keep pace with the published range for Wednesday rides:

A-Team: 28-30 km/h (I pity the fool!)
B-Team: 26-28 km/h
C-Team: 24-26 km/h

Both routes take us south until we nearly reach Mohawk Casino. We’ll stop for a few rounds of slots and maybe some horse races, then start making our way up towards home. The A and B groups will ride a slightly longer route that will skirt Eden Mills on my personal favourite road, Ash Street. The C group will skip Eden Mills and avoid the biggest climb (you’re welcome). This is a no-drop ride, but if you are struggling to keep up with the desired group there should be plenty of opportunities to drop back to a slower group. Both routes are pretty straightforward, with limited turns.

Depending on who you believe, the weather is either calling for afternoon showers that should end by 6pm (good!), or potential thunderstorms that turn into showers in the evening (not so good). We’ll make the go/no-go call by 5pm Wednesday.

This is also an official Try-a-Ride offering. If you are not a club member and want to try group riding, then you are absolutely welcome to join us for this ride. Most of the group are nice and don’t bite very hard. Take a moment to read up on the Group Ride Guidelines as well as the Safety & Skills page before showing up so you have an idea on how things work. Don’t worry, we’ll help you out with any questions before, during and after the ride.

A+B Route

C Route

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