Wednesday 08/18 Intermediate Social Ride, 6:00pm

New start time alert! Rides have moved to a 6pm start as daylight slowly fades away (booooo…).

Looks like we may have a good chance of riding in clear weather tomorrow evening. Final call regarding the weather will be made no later than 5:00pm.

This week we will have a slightly longer route for the A group and a slightly shorter route for the B and C groups to get everyone back with sufficient daylight to spare.

Groups will aim for the following paces:

Wednesday A: 28-30 km/h average
Wednesday B: 26-28 km/h average
Wednesday C: 24-26 km/h average

Please sign up in advance for the ride here.

Rides start at 6:00 PM from the East End Library at the corner of Starwood and Watson.

Start locations for the various groups are as indicated below:

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The routes:
Note: the A route does a loop up and around through Eden Mills on the way home. Please ensure you have the route loaded on your computer, if possible, to avoid missing the turns.

A route:

B/C route:

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