Wednesday 061814

Here is Wednesday Nights ride!

We have brought the route length back into the advertised 30-50km range and in regards to speed, we have no goal (we will not exceed the avg of 28km/h). Simply we want to move as smoothly, safely and steadily as the group will allow. We want to ride as a group, not as a bunch of individuals.

Ideally we will reduce/eliminate surging and work on creating an efficient group that will allow every member of the ride to enjoy themselves and have a great ride. This is a ride for for all members but with a focus on making sure our newer members have a safe and supportive place to learn the ways of the road. It is also a place for those of us who haven't perhaps been riding alot … errr … 

If the weather isn't terrible, it will be on!


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  1. It was raining, but gently (sort of), so we kept the ride on and shortened the distance.
    The group rode well, really well given the rain/spray/mud/fecal matter that was being flung about, and ended up averaging 26.3 km/h by our arrival back into Arkell.
    Besides the cold(ish)ness and the rain it was a great ride. Overall some things we can work on next Wednesday …
    – not accelerating up the climbs but holding steady so those who are less conditioned can keep up (err … I’m talking about myself here)
    – pedaling over the top of the hills, not freewheeling when cresting the hill, so that bunching doesn’t occur in the back of the group
    – continuously pedaling when on the front so there is less accordion at the back
    Just some items to work on but overall, excellent ride!

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