Tuesday June 22nd: TAM Ride, 6:30pm

This year’s club rides begin with the Tuesday All-Members Ride, aka “The TAM Ride”. Tuesday is the night of the week that all members can find a speed group they enjoy riding with! The route will remain the same for several weeks in a row, giving an opportunity for riders to see how they progress in fitness week-over-week.

With that in mind, we’ve chosen a very “classic” SRCC first route. Many Tales of the Big Ring have included “the Watsonberg” – the hill just north of County Road 34, and the “Col du Watson”, the climb at the base of Watson Rd off of Centre Rd. In the future these routes may include loops, go in different directions, etc, but they will always remain the same for roughly 4-5 weeks in a row.

This ride requires sign-up in advance. Please do so here: TAM RIDE JUNE 22ND SIGNUP Sign-up does require you to create an account on Signup.com.

This ride is open to SRCC members only. If you have not signed up to be a club member, you can do so HERE.

The TAM ride will be departing from Calvary Baptist Church, 454 Arkell Rd, at 6:30pm. Please arrive a few minutes early and ensure you are in the group area that you signed up for – see the map below.

The Route: Hammerfest, Paceline Advanced (32-35kph), and Paceline (30-32kph) will be following this route:

The other four groups (Social Paceline Advanced, Social Paceline, No-Drop Social Paceline, and Learn to Group Ride) will be following this route:

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