Tuesday Interval Night (TIN) Ride, April 9th 6:00pm – ALL Members Welcome!

Welcome to the First Ride of the Season!

New for 2019, Tuesday Interval Night (TIN) Ride begins at the Arkell United Church (not the Library! Click the text to see it on Google Maps).

It is a fun evening of riding where ALL club members can participate and work on the elements they desire: fitness, speed, endurance or just another nice night for a ride.

Riders will be organized into appropriate “waves”/groups of their choosing. Relaxed and Moderate groups will ride in a Social Paceline rotation and more Advanced groups will focus on High Intensity Interval Training. The circuit is comprised of quiet rural roads. There will be up to seven speed groups: everything from a dedicated “Learn to Group Ride” wave, all the way up to Hammerfest.  

Check out our TIN Ride webpage for all the details. From the serious racer to the recreational rider, this is a terrific addition to your week. This ride has something for everyone. You are in for a treat!

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