Tuesday A “Hammerfest” Aug. 21 – 6:00pm

RIDE IS CANCELLED. If the B-Ride is scared of rain and lightning, then so is the A-Ride (good choice Chris). Ride some zwift or hammer away Wednesday as the weather looks great. For starters, note the 6:00 time start. Yup, it is that time of year again. This is the 3rd time I have attempted the Guelph Lake Loops ride, and the weather forecast may ruin it again. The official call will be made by 4:31, if it is cancelled. If it is not cancelled, we will repeat the 8km loop 3-5 times with a rest between each. If enough riders show up, we can set up chase groups and some team dynamics to make the suffering more interesting.

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  1. Ha ha…thanks guys for the entertainment as Sage and I wait for our delayed flight in YYC…with our smoke filled lungs…
    We will see you Thursday.

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