Tues. Hammerfest June 2nd: 6:30pm

Taking full advantage of daylight while we have it, to the snake we go: 



  1. Not Normal! What a ride. Hope everyone had a… time.
    Btw, the descent on Appleby is good – gravel is gone and it’s mint.

  2. That was insane. How people bike so fast? Huh? How?
    48kph to the 401… you might as well drive FFS.

  3. I have arranged for a motorcycle with a red flag on it to marshal the riders through the gravel section at a controlled speed.

  4. I vote for waiting for everyone at the top

  5. I think due to the water that will be running down it after this rain that we bypass it altogether or at least neutralize attacks on it.

  6. I plan on yelling “grupetto” at the base of Rattlesnake 🙂

  7. Ya, I rode up the north side on Saturday. Freshly paved. Some gravel left over, nothing too bad though. We will have a pre-ride and pre-descent warning about it, not too bad.

  8. There was construction on Appleby just after the climb on Wednesday, anyone been up since then? One side had a lot of loose pavement.

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