Tues. Hammerfest: Apr. 8, 6pm

Its time! First outing of the year we'll head to the re-grouping friendly Guelph Lake interval route. 

We'll do 3-4 loops, first loop together to warm up and let everyone get to know the loop, then depending on numbers break into two groups for each stand-alone lap – a faster A group heading off first and a follow up B group that can collect any riders falling off the A group. 

Groups will be self selected, and the regrouping point is the bottom left corner of the square. 

Library, 6pm!


  1. Gah, bike survived. Needs a new derailleur and a spoke, could have been worse. No idea why it decided to eject from the bike, it was pretty damn spectacular though.

  2. Hey Gabhan, how’s the bike?

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