Tues. A Hammerfest: June 23 – 6:30pm

Back to school. With a big climb at the furthest point, regrouping at the top with all those who start the climb together is encouraged, but then full beans on the way home.


  1. Well Mark, I meant climbing wheels but if you think Bayden needs training wheels, then he’s outta luck as I don’t have any.

  2. ^^^^that’s funny. … did you mean ‘training wheels’, or ‘climbing wheels’..:-)

  3. If anyone wants to cut out a section to make the ride shorter and much easier we could go left on appleby instead of going all the way to silly old Bell school line, then wait for hopefully not too long for the other riders to catch up. If we get bored waiting we can ride back and forth on appleby three or four times to pass time.
    I also like the idea of waiting at the top of Bell school though, Bayden what is the limit on wait time? I don’t want to leave you behind but also can’t wait all night. Would it help if I carried your water bottles?
    I can also lend you my climbing wheels.

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