Thursday Speedway Coached Session | August 3rd 6:00PM

“Pursuit Night” is back at the Flamboro Speedway!

Riders can test their fitness in a solo effort against the clock. See below for full session details.

We ride on a closed circuit (no cars!) at the Flamboro Speedway that features a 500m oval and a technical course.

Upon arrival, enter through the ticket gates and drive up the pit road. Park near the picnic tables & canteen. There are washrooms available. 

This coached session is intended for R1, R2, R3 & R4 Speed Groups.

Please see the GCC speed categories for more info.

Come Try it out! Riders are invited to try one Speedway session before subscribing. Advanced sign-up (see below) is required. 

This is a ‘fee for service’ coached session. Check out the details here.

GCC members only. To become a member join HERE

Advance sign-up required. Reserve your spot by clicking HERE

Start Time: please be onsite & ready to pedal at 6:00 PM

Start Location: Flamboro Speedway 873 5th Concession Rd W, Milgrove, ON

Check here for weather cancellation posted no less than one hour before the ride begins


6:00PM – Intro & Track Etiquette, Paceline Riding (Session 1)

Enter the track and join us at the Staging Area. We will do a quick familiarization and discuss track riding etiquette. Then break into groups and ride the oval. 

Mandatory: On your first visit to the Speedway you must attend the intro & track etiquette at 6:00PM so you are familiar with the layout and expectations for riding the track. 

6:30PM – Individual Pursuit (Session 2)

We will pause the paceline riding and organize at the Staging Area to begin the individual pursuit interval session.

2 riders at a time, starting on opposite sides of the track, will ride their best solo effort for 4 laps of the oval. Once all riders have completed their first interval we’ll shuffle the order and ride a second and final individual effort.

Paceline riding will continue on the inside lane.

7:30PM – Team Pursuit (Session 3)

At the completion of the individual pursuit we will reorganize at the Staging Area. Teams of ~4 riders will be created to attempt their best effort for the distance.

Entering & Exiting the Track:

Enter the track at turn 4. Always come to a complete stop and confirm the track is clear before entering. Cross the oval to access the kart track and stop at the “Staging Area” (“S” on the map below). 

Exit the track at turn 2. When the track is clear, from the inside of the oval cross the track and exit. While riding the oval you may also move to the far outside of the oval and exit. 

Click Image below for directions.

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