Thursday – Speedway Coached Road Session

Thursday – Speedway Coached Road Sessions

Coached road cycling sessions for skill and fitness development.

Who are these sessions for?

There are two programs available: one for Adults and one for Youth and Juniors. The Adult programming is targeted for Advanced GCC Road Cyclist (R1-4). Please see the GCC speed categories for more info. The Youth & Junior program focusses on road cycling fundamentals.

What are the sessions about?

Sessions will provide riders with technical instruction for a range of cycling skills from bike handling to pack dynamics and race simulations. Sessions will include dedicated focus on skill building drills as well as high intensity intervals.

Why join?

Adult Cyclists, these sessions are for you if you want to…

  • Increase your strength and endurance on or off a race course.
  • Corner smoother, faster and ride with more confidence.
  • Become tactically savvy and ride more efficiently in races or in the pack on the GCC TAM Ride nights to save energy for the moments that make a difference.
  • Incorporate high intensity intervals into your weekly cycling training.

Youth & Junior Riders, these sessions are for you if you…

  • Already have the ability to ride on smooth, level terrain and control the bike safely (stopping and turning) and want to improve on fundamental road cycling skills.
  • Are ready for an introduction to riding with others and drafting.
  • Want to build confidence and ride faster.


Every Thursday evening at 6PM starting May 4th. Adults (6-8PM) and Youth & Junior (6-7PM).


We ride on a closed circuit (no cars!) at the Flamboro Speedway that features a 500m oval and a technical course. The Speedway is located only 35km south of Guelph. It’s closer than the Milton velodrome! 873 Fifth Concession Rd W, Milgrove, ON.

Upon arrival, enter through the ticket gates and drive up the pit road. Park near the picnic tables & canteen. There are washrooms available. 

How do I join and what are the fees?

To participate you must subscribe to one of our cycling or multisport programs listed on the Royal City MultiSport site. 

Subscribe to “Cycling Base” for $35/month to join all Thursday speedway sessions. 

If you’re looking for additional coached sessions or personal programming check out our “Cycling Performance” and multisport programs. 

Adult subscription click here. Fee is $35/month and you must be a GCC member.

Youth & Junior subscription click here. Fee is $55/month and you must be a Royal City MultiSport member.

Come Try it out!

Riders are invited to try one Speedway session before subscribing. Advanced sign-up (see below) is required. 

Session Info

Info for each session will be posted on the Weekly Ride Posts section of the GCC website on Wednesday of every week. Click on the Thursday Speedway posting and sign-up in advance for the session.

Adults: must be a GCC member. Advanced sign-up is required.

Youth & Junior: please contact Kyle Boorsma directly to arrange to try a session.

Entering & Exiting the Track:

Enter the track at turn 4. Always come to a complete stop and confirm the track is clear before entering. Cross the oval to access the kart track and stop at the “Staging Area” (“S” on the map below). 

Exit the track at turn 2. When the track is clear, from the inside of the oval cross the track and exit. While riding the oval you may also move to the far outside of the oval and exit. 


Riders will require a mechanically sound road bike (drop bars), bike helmet, cycling shoes and appropriate apparel for weather conditions and water bottle or other nutrition.

Click Image below for directions to Flamboro Speedway.

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