Thursday Ride – July 31, 2014 6:30pm

Usual A&B Groups. Daylight getting shorter, remember your lights!


  1. Yes, absolutely true on the descending Wilfred. And, while descending in single file, there is always the option of faster and heavier riders to go around the “slower” riders….
    I’m amazed you managed to get thru Thru ride with a broken shifter and brakes!!

  2. I might be one of the guilty parties. It got a little ragged there towards the end.
    The Group Riding Skills 101 section on this website is a pretty good reference.
    Descending while at the front of the group is not covered though. I still have a lot to learn, but something that I’ve picked up over the years is that when at the front of the group, descents are not for recovery. The idea is to pedal like mad to make up for the aerodynamic *disadvantage* at the front and the aerodynamic *advantage* behind. It’s good to be in the drops, but coasting in an aero tuck if you haven’t spun out all the gears is not helpful. It’s annoying for the group to have to sit up and use their brakes on a nice long descent because a rider at the front is coasting in the tuck position. As usual when running out of gas, rotate thru or signal and fade to the back.
    Great ride last night! Thanks Adam.

  3. Thanks for the route last night Adam. You are a nice wheel to follow. Good and smooth and predictable. If we as a group could work on not half wheeling at the front…Not sure if people aren’t aware of what they are doing or don’t understand the term.

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