Thursday Ride – 4th Line Fun

A and B groups again… starts at 6PM.

Please be sure to look over the Group Ride Information, especially the section on how we rotate. Also please bring your club membership card. We are meeting at the Guelph Public Library on Starwood Drive, the new start location for all club rides.


  1. No problem Andy. The big B group had a great ride as well, everybody working together. A good day for everybody.

  2. Thanks, Drew for heading up the B group allowing me to go with the As. We gave it a good effort and had a satisfying ride!

  3. Ride title is a little misleading as we are on 4th Line for a very short time. It’s called 4th and Watson, Shorter Loop in the ride guide but it’s more like 5th and Watson. We will ride the stated route, of course.

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