Thursday (not Tuesday) Ride

Heading to the other side for a change. A & B groups. 


  1. My apologies for the railway construction… nobody likes to dismount in the middle of a ride. A little more chaos ensued but the B team stuck together nicely.

  2. 27 was a great turnout! We likely won’t get 27 but always split into two groups anyways and never have a leader for the first group so should be good.

  3. We had 27 out for Wednesdays rides Darren. Split into two groups. Might be good to have some spare ride leaders and a split-up plan if you get bombed.

  4. On Wednesday afternoon they had “road closed” signs on Leslie Rd and Milburough due to construction at the railway crossing near the conservation area. You can still get through, but might need to dismount.

  5. Looks good… fast fresh pavement : )

  6. I thought it was all paved now (rode the Hanlon end last week)
    I’ll be passing today and check it out. Will modify route if necessary and repost after lunch.

  7. Is Downey rideable now? It was under heavy construction right at the Hanlon last week.

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