Thursday Night Ride: May 2, 6:30 p.m.

Tonight's Thursday night route. 64km, both the Col De Watson and the Watsonberg feature in tonght's ride. We will be departing from Planet Bean on Grange at 6:30pm SHARP.

Bring your membership card please and thanks. As well, a few people have been by the store mentioning issues w/ CCN. If you have issues registering please email CCN or call the number provided in the contact area. They should be able to sort the issues out much quicker than myself, Gabhan or Steve. But … if you just want to hear Gabhans sweet voice, give him a call as well.


  1. My super legs aren’t super yet. Ouch.
    That was a great ride folks and a fantastic turnout. 20 or 21 members and in general, safe and consistent pack riding.

  2. can you actually cross a yellow line when there isnt a yellow line on the road?….. ok, just kidding, my bad. That was a good ride tonight. Nice route Tim, made for lots of places to regroup after the surges.

  3. Fast ride, I had 34.7kph Arkell to Arkell, ouch.

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