Thursday, May 26th A/B rides | 6:30pm

RIDE IS ON! A straightforward run down 6th Line to Campbellville, and then back on 1st Line. Anyone new to the Thursday A/B format should review the description found here and choose their evening festivities accordingly. Basically, the ‘A-Ride’ will be fast and spicy before it likely gets faster and spicier beyond the half-way mark… dropped riders probable. The ‘B-Ride’ will seek to remain organized and intact at the advertised, average pace, regrouping as needed along the way. Both rides will be fun… just different!

Please ride safe at all times, and take particular care on the 6th Line descent. Also, watch this space for the potential of a weather cancellation… call will be made by 5:30pm at the latest.


  1. Good idea, Karen… who wouldn’t enjoy a little post-ride tipple and chat!?

    That said, even though this isn’t a club-sanctioned thing, I’d still like to remind anyone partaking to run lights front and back, take extra care on the ride home (it’ll undoubtedly be dusk/dark), and to drink responsibly.

    Also, for anyone who can’t make it this evening, I believe there may be another post-ride social on Sunday… watch the ride postings for details.

  2. Sounds good to me! Let’s see if the weather pans out.

  3. Hey All – I made a forum post about starting up a Thursday social following the last Thursday club ride of each month (this is the part where you check out the forum)…

    As this is the last Thursday of May, IF THE RIDE IS ON – let’s meet at the closest patio location to watson/arkell, borealis!

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