Thursday July 4th ride

Radar looks fine, ride is on

Simple route, 62km. May try some rotating paceline once we get to Oustic.  A and B groups again.



  1. I was on the front only once which was just on Watson, but I should still be able to hang with you guys in my opinion.. you guys are, fast. Next time I’ll just stay on the back and see how long I last. Thanks!
    The surging I like, it adds a bit of friendly competition and makes the ride fun, just as long as it’s not in the middle of nowhere and the one(s) getting dropped won’t get lost.
    One thing I would like to point though, which I believe dropped me much sooner than I would have been, is the accelerations when people pull off the front. When the person in front of you pulls off, do not accelerate, just keep your pace and let them join back on. It’s tough to hang on with stopping/starting and it makes the ride much smoother without it. Just my two cents ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey Stefan, yeah the first group is rolling pretty fast, however if you stay off the front at least for the first half and don’t pull through then you will find it much easier to hang on at least that seems to work for me.
    Another rider also brought up the surging at he end as being a bit sketchy as he wasn’t aware we would be doing that. Fair enough comment, so yeah probably at the very end people will be surging to burn any matches they have left

  3. One day I’m going to hang with that A group.. one day. The A group is pretty much a second Tuesday right, correct?
    No problem Rob, I was on the edge since the moment I got on your wheel, once we hit that red light/missed turn break, it gave me enough rest to feel good afterwards. I needed that, thanks for leading the whole time though, lol!

  4. The B group clocked 34.5 kph, not too shabby either.

  5. Thanks to the A group for holding up when I dropped my chain 500 meters in. Very sporting!

  6. 37.6kph for the A group, fast fast fast out there.
    Really happy about the group’s reaction to the stray senior piloting the tiny car, no harm no foul I guess. Rockwood… what can you do?… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was blazing trails tonight. Should have paid a bit more attention to the route. Sorry Stefen for leading on a longer route.

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