Thursday August 29th Ride

Bringing back a longer route from a few weeks ago to take advantage of the early start.  A group and B group again and I will be riding with the B group.  Looking to keep pulls short to help move things along at a quick clip with the B’s without killing ourselves.



  1. Nice ride tonight, thanks to Andy for pulling me for so long, was like motor pacing!

  2. Foe example, if 8 cyclists mostly wearing Speed River Cycling Club jerseys leave Planet Bean at 6PM sharp on Wednesday August 28 no-drop ride travelling at 28kph on a 60km route, when will they reach Arkell on their return leg? Secret answer: 7:45PM

  3. I think e=mc2 has something to do with distance and light


    hey daryl,
    can u let me know how distance works with light. have not done a ride for a while and lead next week.

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