Thursday, April 18 ride, 6:00 pm

TONIGHTS RIDE HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Storm looks to hit us around 7 pm.  Too bad, this is the warmest day since Oct 16 of last year…


First Thursday ride of the year!  Its a bit on the shorter side but it still gets dark pretty early.  Departure time is 6 p.m. from the Bean on Grange and please remember to bring your membership card, available from Speed River Bicycle on Wyndham. Try-A-Ride sheets will also be available for those looking to check out the club.  Please note there are no sprints or KOM's.  Pace will be moderate/fast, regrouping when required.


  1. Sunday…sunny and a balmy 8 Celsius or if you prefer 281 Kelvin.

  2. Well, we can look forward to Sunday’s ride… when it will be 4 degrees…

  3. As a side note, they are forecasting some VERY gusty winds during the late afternoon. Lets be careful when riding together. Should make for a nice tailwind on our way back.

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