RIDE IS CANCELLED. Weather Alert: Some scattered green clouds heading our way on the radar. It might rain a bit.
We’ll let the A Group go for the stage win while the B’s sip champagne and celebrate with a “tour” of some of our favourite roads of the season. The route is rather short due to the waning daylight, but still bring lights. We’re heading over to the Wooly afterwards for a few beers, team food and tales of what could have been.
NOTE: I was body checked by a Nissan Rogue on my way home from work today and hit the deck pretty hard. All is well with bike and bod (and the driver was charged), but as I type this, my limbs are feeling the effects of breaking the fall. Chris has offered to take over as ride leader so you’re good for a great ride. Thanks Chris.


  1. Ok, sorry about that folks. I was caught in traffic coming back from physio and was a little too hasty on the keyboard. I have now cancelled the official ride. We will still meet at the Wooly. What time do you think I should insert in the title: 8:30?

  2. Hey Chris…I think you better take over the ride. The road rash is workable, but it’s the sore wrists, elbow and upper arms that are slowing me down at the moment.

    Have a great ride (remember to turn left going on Watson from Hume).

    Let me know if you guys head over to the Wooly. I might join you.


    • In keeping with how this season has gone the official club ride is cancelled. Far too much green heading our way. Some brave souls may roll the dice and still go to the library but I will not be one of them. There will likely be a few more unofficial weeknight rides organizes in the forum so check it out.

    • Wasn’t this ride just cancelled? I wont make it to the ride (if it’s on) but am good to go to the Wooly. I will keep an eye out for strava titles as well!

  3. Anthony Vecchiarelli

    I won’t be making the ride but can meet at the Wooly afterwards. If you the group decides to go, maybe make note on your ride title. People check Strava anyway. Lol

  4. Thanks Chris. If you are riding tonight anyways, I would count on it. The arms are pretty sore from breaking the fall. Not sure I can hang on to the bars.

  5. I can cover for you if need be Wilfred. Just let me know later on in the day.

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