Thursday A/B rides – May 14th, 6:30 pm

A nice northern loop that is characterized by it’s open fields and beautiful vistas, reminiscent of the low countries in Northern Europe.
There will be some minor changes concerning the A group going ahead that I will mention at the start of the ride.


  1. Yeah it was a nice night, started to cool down a bit at the end, but not bad. Hope the weekend turns out a little better than the forecast shows.

  2. Even got to enjoy a little old school pace line riding for a while tonight. That was fun!

  3. Great route tonight Cory… love riding those roads and finishing over the lake in the evening.

  4. That’s correct GC, hopefully the gravel is not very deep, they have been working on this road on and off for what feels like years.
    Also note we will be turning onto highway 7 for a short jaunt just outside of Elora and making a left hand turn off of it in the valley. Let’s ensure we make a proper shoulder check before moving into the left hand turn lane here as the cars can be moving at a decent pace.

  5. Oooh, fresh 😉 A short section of gravel at the end of 2nd line, but should be fine.

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