Thursday A/B Rides Aug. 25, 6:00pm

Ride Cancelled: this may clear up a little but more rain appears to be coming at 7:00pm. If you are determined to ride, north may be your best bet. Or you could just skip it and head to the Wooly for a nice refreshing pint. Looks like rain coming our way. A go/no-go call will be made by 5:00pm. If the ride goes ahead, there’s a slight adjustment. Instead of taking 2nd Line south, we will take 1st Line. Too much fresh chip seal on 2nd. I didn’t change the map so make a mental note of it. I will remind you. And I found a bike!! If I can find a bike, I will be there to lead the ride. Similar to Tuesday in case there are some unsettled scores. Note earlier start time. Don’t miss out!

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  1. If the ride is a go – Wooly for post -ride bevy’s as today is the last Thursday ride of August!

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