Thursday A/B Ride – 6:00PM

Ride cancelled.  Too much rain with the threat of lightning.  Save your legs for P2A.

Weather forecast is iffy, keep your fingers crossed.  We will attempt a little intensity mixed in with the Thursday B ride in order to help prepare riders who are looking to move up to the Thursday A ride in the future.  The A group can go ahead at the 35km/h pace with some higher intensity sections.  The B group will stick closer to the 32km/h speed with 2 exceptions.  When looking at the route, you will notice we do a loop in the Side Road 25 area (Bayden’s old training loop).  At that little zig zag section, those who want to increase the intensity and hammer for one lap (approximately 9km) can do so.  People can also choose to stay more comfortable. Once finished the loop and back at the zig zag section, everyone will regroup and carry on their merry way together.  The last section of the ride along Arkell from 1st Line to Watson is also be a good place to ramp up the speed for those interested in a little suffering.


  1. Just got off Trainer Road. See you peeps at P2A on Sunday!

  2. The route looks great–the radar does not…

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