Thurs ride, May 9th, 6:30pm

Familiar route, but BACKWARDS!  whoa!  Will go single file into Rockwood, but should otherwise be alright.

Please bring membership cards. Riders will regroup at stop signs. 58kms.

Just a reminder, there are NO sign sprints and NO KOMs


  1. I agree with Eric. I would participate in the “slower” ride until I am fast enough for the TDF. Thanks Eric.

  2. I agree, plus if someone wants to try the faster group and gets dropped, they can wait for the fast group shows up and still get a good group ride in that day.

  3. Not a bad idea Eric, we’re going have a board meeting on Monday to discuss this issue, among others.
    A fast and faster group may be a good solution.

  4. I have a suggestion – what if we split Thursday into 2 groups?
    – Tour de France (>35kph): suffer and bleeding eyeballs
    – Tour de California (<35kph): tempo and sharing gardening tips
    I’ve noticed that there’s a pretty big gap between Wednesday and Thursday rides now that we are routinely going at 38kph on the flats.

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