2024 BGR | Sunday June 9th

It’s GCC’s 6th Annual Big Gravel Ride!

Like always, we promise that many of you will ride in some places that you have never been before!

About the routes: Everyone rides to the first Rest Stop. Once there, depending on how the conditions are and how you and your group are feeling, you can choose to add a small or large additional loop to your ride before heading back on the main route to Fixed Gear in Guelph. The short route, to the Rest Stop and then home, is 83km. If you choose to add the small additional loop, your ride will be 96km long. If you choose to add the large additional loop, your ride will be 118 km long. Save both the long and medium routes into your bike computer. Load the long route to start the ride. If you only want to do the medium route after the Rest Stop, switch to that route in your bike computer. Both Long and Medium routes follow the Short route home. Choose your own adventure!

The start and finish are at our sponsor, Fixed Gear Brewing on Alma street.

There are five speed groups this year. Each with a different start time.

BGR GroupGroup NameRoad
Start Time
9:00 am
BGR-2FastR3G18:45 am
G28:30 am
G38:15 am
BGR-5RelaxedR8G48:00 am

Sign up soon to ensure you get a spot!

The route has been pre-ridden by a little 70 year old lady who has given it her seal of approval.

Load the route on your bike computer if you have one, here’s how. No really, you should really load it.

GCC Team Car polished, fed & groomed all ready for another BGR!

The Essentials:

GCC members only. To become a member join HERE

Start Time: Relaxed 8:00 AM; Moderate 8:15 AM; Quick 8:30 AM; Fast 8:45 AM; OMG 9:00 AM

Start Location: Fixed Gear Brewing 20 Alma St S

Start and Finish here at Fixed Gear Brewing at 20 Alma St S

The Details:

  • 50 Entries only!
  • You must be a GCC Club Member to take part.
  • Five speed groups.
  • Staggered start to finish at a similar time.
  • Free ON-ROAD parking around Fixed Gear Brewing (don’t park at the auto shop!).
  • Gear storage on site inside FGB, arrive early to stow your post-ride gear etc.
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order to ‘start’ and finish the route.
  • Carry tools to fix your bike.
  • Bring mosquito repellent in case of woodland repairs.
  • Carry two large water bottles.
  • Load the route if you have a computer.
  • Be prepared to get yourself home if you can’t finish the route.
  • GCC is providing a food & water station out on the route.
  • Registered participants get one free beer provided by our sponsor FGB.
  • Bring cash or card for additional post ride bevies.
  • Registered participants get Wood Oven Pizza as well.
  • Door Prizes awarded randomly from some of our great sponsors.
  • This is a multi surface event which may include, but not be limited to, mud, rocks, forest, roots, branches, gravel, stones, dust, pavement, mosquitoes, ticks, hobbits, dragons, tears, smiles… (maybe).
  • Tire recommendations: Minimum 30 mm wide with at least a file tread pattern, 50 psi max.
  • Rain or shine.

Route Maps below.

Load the Medium & Long routes into your bike computer.

You can always shortcut the Medium or Long route (at the Rest Stop) to become the Short route. You can decide with your group, depending on conditions, on how much more fun you want to have. The Medium or Long routes go through the Rest Stop twice.

Routes by Kazimir Malevich c. 1916

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