What is it?

A Super Sunday is a club wide event were all members can participate in their desired speed group in gravel or road riding. There will be multiple road ride speed groups and the usual three gravel ride speed groups. The event starts and finishes at our club sponsor Fixed Gear Brewing on Alma Street.

The club is footing the bill for pizza and one beer or soft drink per club rider.

This Event is for club members only and you must pre-register.

The 2023 Details:

  • Sunday July 16th
  • Rain or shine
  • Free parking, gear storage on site, arrive early to stow some gear
  • Five groups of various paces: Rec, Moderate, Quick, Fast and OMG!
  • Staggered start to finish at a similar time
    • 8:00 am BGR-21 kph Rec (shortened course)
    • 8:00 am BGR-23 kph Moderate
    • 8:30 am BGR-25 kph Quick
    • 8:45 am BGR-27 kph Fast
    • 9:00 am BGR-29 kph OMG!
  • The BGR 2023 is open to GCC Club Members only
  • One free beer per rider from our sponsor Fixed Gear
  • Post ride wood fired oven pizza from our sponsor
  • Bring cash or card for additional post ride bevies
  • Tire recommendations: Minimum 28 mm wide with some file tread, no more than 50 psi

GCC’s President Bodbyl came up with a route and is pre-riding it (see below). Some adjustment might be still be in the works because of a ring or some smog, or a section that we shall not pass… it’s really not quite clear (he still uses MapQuest).

BGR 2022 Route

BGR 2021 Route

BGR 2020 Route

BGR 2019 Route

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