Sunday, September 29 ride | NIAGARA | 11:00 A.M. START


This 105k loop will launch from Queenston Heights Park in Niagara and wind past vineyards, orchards, wineries and parkland. We'll also take in some of the hills and roads of the Fonthill area, where Steve Bauer cut his teeth. I grew up riding these roads and can tell you they're a treat!

Those looking to arrange car pooling should post to the comments section of this entry and watch the thread. Jim Wadleigh is offering to transport four additional riders–see the comments section for details. I'll be staying in Niagara the night prior, so will meet you all at the park. Let's park and meet in the circular drive area if possible–it's convenient to the washrooms, where there's room to change if desired. Anyone running late or needing en route nav assistance can call or text me at 519-400-5401.

Please take note of the 11:00 start, which will now be the case for Sunday rides through to the end of the season.

Hope to see you all there!



  1. As the 7th rider, I gotta say that despite a great route (James), great weather (global warming?), great riders towing me back into the pack after hills (you know who you are), the best part was the wind! Why does the flat Netherlands produce good cyclists? Unlike hills, the wind blows all day long.
    Thanks for planning and executing this ride. After two years in a row, will it become a tradition to end the club season in Niagara? Stay tuned for next year.

  2. Yep, thoroughly enjoyable day for all the reasons stated…thanks to the six riders who made the trip. I’ve gotta’ say, that winding, undulating section of Hollow Road coming out of Fonthill is one of my all-time favourite stretches of road, and Gabhan set a beautiful tempo through there. So good!

  3. Thanks for organizing James. Good route, good ride, good company!

  4. Good ride, good route, and good company. Can’t ask for a better autumn rip. Thanks

  5. Great ride folks. Thanks for the leading us on a great route James!

  6. I’ll plan to be at Queenston Heights Park for 10:45 Sunday morning. Look for the blue-grey Honda Odyssey with the bike rack on the back. Weather is looking ideal!

  7. FYI for anyone who may have already loaded the route into their Garmin…made a slight edit at 10:15, Friday night.

  8. Hey folks, could we get an unofficial role call for this Sunday’s ride? Would like to get a sense for who and how many to expect at the park in Niagara–besides Jim and Gabhan! Post to this space if you’re thinking of coming, or email me at

  9. CUTOFF FOR A CAR RIDE to and from the Niagara Ride will be TONIGHT, THURSDAY SEP 26, so that I can make some plans. Weather forecast looking highly favourable. Ride will adjust to suit whoever shows up, could split into two groups if that seems right. Fall grape harvest has started.

  10. Now only three open seats left in my car. Gabhan got shotgun. If you want to share a ride, speak now at

  11. Club member Jim Wadleigh is offering rides. From his 9/19 post on a prior thread:
    “I will be going and can offer rides. Car holds maximum 5 including driver, three bikes on roof rack, two inside plus kit. Would leave Guelph about 9AM. Reply to and if the car is full, I will post here.”
    Thanks Jim…I’ll see you in Niagara!

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