Sunday Road Tours | Oct 1st 9:00 AM

Let’s head south to see what fall colour we can see and explore the area’s fine assortment of drumlins (elongated hills caused by glaciers). After making our way down Watson and 8th Concession Rd, we’ll briefly stop at Middletown and Safari to say goodbye to the Tour group, who will head back through Freelton. They could turn into the bakery at 11th Concession and Centre if they’re in need of fuel. The rest of us will carefully take on a stretch of Safari then wind our way to the bakery in Carlisle. The return home is straight up McNiven / First Line.

Note #1: There shouldn’t actually be any gravel on this route. Kirkwall Rd. isn’t well-paved, but we won’t be on it long.

Note #2: Eric Nost is your ride leader! (If it was Meg T there would be gravel on this route).

Load the route on your bike computer if you have one, here’s how.

Speed will be between 29-31 kph average

GCC members only. To become a member join HERE

Advance sign-up required. Reserve your spot by clicking HERE

Start Time: please be ready to pedal at 9:00 AM

Start Location: East End Library at Starwood and Watson

Check here for weather cancellation posted no less than one hour before the ride begins

Route: The Tour Medium Distance Ride will be following the map below

Route: The Grand Tour Longer Distance Ride will be following the map below

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