Sunday May 12th ride – 9AM

RIDE IS A GO. Although with probable rain in a few hours, we will change the route to this, keeping it shorter, and starting into the wind as opposed to coming back in it:

There is a small section of gravel on Maltby near Victoria. Also, we can bail out on Downey Rd if rain hits.



  1. Interesting … yes. My 45km legs gave up at 46km.
    Thanks for not leaving me to be eaten by the vultures. Damn, it was windy.
    At least we weren’t racing the lake of bays … BA HAHHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Well, that was interesting. 5 people turned out, got blown around in the wind, and got rained on… but at least we missed the bulk of the hail 🙂 Crazy weather…

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