Sunday May 12th |C Ride| 8:00am

It will be cold, please bring lots of warm gear, you can always remove excess gear but can not put on gear you did not bring.

Lots of different terrain and scenery on this 70km ride. We can stop in Campbellville at the flying monkey to refuel. Lots of options to alter the route during the ride to suite the needs of the group. We will take it easy considering how early we are in the season and how few riding days we have had this spring. Average pace on the flats will be between 26-28km/h. Good chance to refresh our bike handling skills and group riding skills. On the longer hills we will allow riders to climb at their own pace and we will regroup at the top of the climb. Weather is not looking promising so look back here for the go/no-go call on Sunday no later than 7:15am.

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