Sunday Longer Faster Road Ride | July 3rd, 2022

Sunday Longer Faster Road Ride | July 3rd, 2022

You’re probably thinking to yourself right now – “Gord, you never plan routes towards the north” Well surprise, here is one towards the north. A tour of the quiet country roads near Arthur, Luther marsh and Belwood. Despite what the Ride With GPS map says, there are no gravel sections on this route. It’s going to be smooth sailing the whole way, unlike my ride a few Thursdays ago. Cory can back me up on this, 2nd line road into Grand Valley is one of the nicest roads out there – you don’t want to miss it. Speaking of Grand Valley, that’s where we’ll stop for snacks and water.

Speed will be between 29-31 kph average

GCC members only. To become a member join HERE

Advance sign-up required. Reserve your spot by clicking HERE

Start Time: please be ready to pedal at 8:00 AM

Start Location: East End Library at Starwood and Watson

Check here for weather cancellation posted no less than one hour before the ride begins

Route: The Longer Faster Sunday Ride will be following the map below

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