Sunday Long ride – Sept 18 – 9:00 AM

SUNDAY SMASHFEST! Just kidding, however if you have it on your bucket list to hit as many villages as possible on a club ride then it’s time to get a new bucket list. If I ever get around to making a bucket list the first thing I would put on it would be to be more spontaneous, then I would rip it up.
We will be riding some new roads you likely have never ridden on as we pass through or near all these places, and yes one road has a bit of gravel. Not GC level of gravel so don’t worry if you cleaned your bike in August and were hoping you were done cleaning it for the year.
The plan is to stop in Grand Valley for refreshments but we can stop earlier if needed at Belwood. The riding season will soon be over except for the most hardcor roadies, so let’s get out and enjoy the nice weather while we can.

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