Sunday long and medium rides – April 12th, 11am

The first Sunday club rides! The medium ride will do the Oustic-Rockwood loop, with a potential stop in Rockwood:

The long ride willl head to Dundas and visit the ‘Detour Cafe’ as Domestique is now closed. Forecast looks good, but remember to eat and drink a lot more than you normally would (nobody has July legs yet).


  1. if the winds are favorable this coming sunday could we maybe do the route up to belfountain?

  2. Great turnout! The long group had a great run to the new Dundas destination, Detour Cafe, which wasn’t a bad substitute for the shuttered Domestique. Thanks to ride leader Gabhan for plotting an ambitious distance for Sunday ride #1, which added up to some great base miles on a beautiful (but breezy) Spring day.

  3. Excellent ride today, thanks!

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