Sunday, June 2nd 9AM ride CANCELED

RIDE CANCELED DUE TO RAIN, see comments for details.

First June ride, and June means Rattlesnake!

Weather forecast looks alright, might be some rain overnight Saturday, so will keep an eye on that.

Route is under 100k, but hilly, so we'll just stop at the bless-ed Gatorade machine at the top of Rattlesnake for drinks if people need them (bring change if possible).  Lots of hills, so regrouping will be a high priority.

Route updated to remove 6th Line climb, a bunch of triathetes are taking it over or something…



  1. RIDE IS CANCELLED! Roads are soaked, and the rain is forecasted to linger into the early afternoon. A late-afternoon/evening ride looks like a better option for anyone looking to get out on this day.

  2. Gabhan’s no longer able to make this ride, so I’ll be taking the lead. Weather’s looking predominantly wet tomorrow, but might be a window of (mostly) dry between 9 and 12. I’ll make a call by 8 am…watch this space.

  3. Ah, that makes sense. Route updated.

  4. Looks like 6th line is closed for the Milton Triathlon on Sunday.

  5. Good to know re: 6th line. If it’s really closed, then we can just go through Campbellville, and do a different route back.

  6. Nice route. I rode it today and going down to Brittania is much nicer than taking Derry. Why have I never done that before?! A few notes.
    The Gatorade is $2.50 and for the weight weenies the machine takes bills. There is free tap water there too.
    There was a sign at the bottom of the 6th line climb “Road closed Sun June 2, 9:45am to 11:30am, 15 Side Road to Campbellville. Local access only.” Nothing happening on 6th line that I can see but that could always change.

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